Telemarketing Tips – Do Not Be Afraid To Finish Last

Do not be afraid to make use of telemarketing if you think it means you will finish last. You know what they say? “Nice guys finish last.” Now despite how many people have started making fun and twisting statement, there are still a lot of things that make finishing last all the more worth it (be it telemarketing or even any other lead generation method that classifies as ‘nice’).


Why Be Nice In Telemarketing (Or Lead Generation In General)?


Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services, Lead GenerationTake the accounting industry for example. No matter how competitive or cutthroat your industry can be, being nice will always stand for one thing: integrity. If you have it, even something as seemingly outdated as outbound telemarketing will earn you more success than those who use other methods dishonestly or aggressively.


The following is just one brief list of the nice things you can do for your prospects when telemarketing and how their not-so-nice counterparts will only how have not-so-nice results:


  • Being polite – You would be surprised at how a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can do more to qualify your accounting leads (be they for general accounting, bookkeeping, tax or audit) than email letters screaming in bold font. The former keeps your telemarketing call from being too intrusive. The latter is characteristic of spam.


  • Understanding prospect’s needs – When a prospect says they are not interested or do not have the time, do not be quick to turn your telemarketing call into an inquisition. Even if they are lying, it is better to respect their lack of desire and follow-up some other time. You can even leave them something to consult (e.g. a website, phone number, social media profile) once they do need something.


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  • Respecting prospect’s limitations – If a prospect fails to understand your accounting offer, do not belittle them. Browbeating with excess information is just as bad for other lead generation strategies just as it is for telemarketing services. When you think about it, those very limitations are the reason why your accounting services are in demand in the first place! You have everyone reason to understand and respect them!


  • Respecting the people under them – Finally, never forget that you may not always be telemarketing the decision maker immediately. You might also first encounter a gatekeeper. Be nice to them (even if you think you are better off getting around them). The attitude you show to them will come back to you once you encounter their decision maker.


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To summarize, it may not matter if it seems like telemarketing has put you far behind your competition. Sooner or later, negative feedback and disappointment will come back to them as karma for all their marketing malpractice. You though should continue playing nice whether you are using telemarketing or any other additional accounting lead generation tool.


And if you are so sick of being nice, know that being last also means you get the last laugh.

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