Telemarketing Tips – Engaging a Mobile Generation

For marketers, one of the most startling statistics presented by the World Cup is its mobile interaction. The ones involving the 1.7 million viewers of WatchESPN alone are just the start. But oddly enough, some of these viewers could have very well been workers watching the games right inside their desk/cubicle/even toilet.


This though is just one tiny reflection of a growing reality in the workplace. Technology and its accompanying attitudes are heralding a new generation. This same generation has long been held as the doom to traditional marketing strategies like telemarketing. Now would be a good time to review how to keep this practice alive and why doing so is actually critical to the adaptation of all lead generators.


You can start with all those secretly sneaking to watch World Cup matches on mobile. Now how often do you find similar behavior in today’s modern workplace? Lazy browsing? Social media? Perhaps even downloading? This could very well be the face of the new world you’re trying to cater to.


Now the knee-jerk reaction to this could be to find ways to just discourage the above type of behavior using your other marketing activities. Blogs full of dos and donts. Calls to professionalism etc. Still if you’re talking telemarketing, there are other interesting tactics that you could bring to mind:


  • Targeted advertising to hot-transfer– Okay maybe that’s thinking a little too fast. However, the more relevant other areas of your marketing are, the more likely you can call them to action. Imagine finding a site that your target market frequents during lunch time and being able to send a highly relevant B2B ad. Instead of sending them an email they might forget to open, why not just offer a real call in the same way? It may not be straight to a sales rep but it’s getting there.


  • Create content that does look frivolous – Sometimes a prospect can be disengaged because your content is just downright bland, technical, and plays to a stiffer tune than their Garfield comic. Why not just create content that looks more like the comic and less than a white paper? Yes, you can discuss the finer points of your prospect’s workplace and management problems and keep them engaged like they were engaged on FIFA. (And if millennials are going to be the future of the workforce, their media habits are already affecting marketers.)


  • Get them where they want to be –This is very important right when you’re already having the live conversation at them. The funny thing is this hardly changes any of the things that have long been important in B2B telemarketing. Timing. Establishing rapport. Listening in. The only real difference might be the objectives (like a shift from hierarchal organizational structure). That’s why it’s arguably more important to understand the culture of a generation and not just focus on the fact on the channels they’re using.


Telemarketing stays alive as long as the same goes for live conversations at work. And despite the strong shift towards mobile, life in the office still needs personal word and that extends to those from B2B organizations.

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