Telemarketing Tips – How to Not Fade into History

World Cup fever is fading but can the same be said of its many highlighted events? From Tim Howard memes to grieving Brazilians, can everyone truly say FIFA is just going to fade back into another distant memory? Kirk Olson of Horizon thinks otherwise.


His views however only bring up a much bigger topic. How is it that despite the fever going down, big events still leave impressions that really last? Better still, how can your own telemarketing campaign leave just as strong an impression?


With four years between the last and the next World Cup, that’s plenty of time for people to forget. But as Olson noted, today’s market is getting more and more global. This means leaving a big impression can have longer long-term effects.


Telemarketing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re about to fall behind on this. Like any form of marketing, it’s all about reaching towards a target market. Inside the office, that doesn’t automatically rule out the phone call from marketers. Sending one out is no more old-fashioned than sending emails after getting an inquiry.


The real challenge now is how can your campaign create the kind of impact that lasts? Prospects, especially B2B prospects, are becoming increasingly demanding with their dynamic attention span. This means your phone call isn’t just some drive-by pitching. It needs to hold their attention long enough that they don’t just brush you off like they would a random banner ad or brochure.


  • Future implications – It’s easier to remember something when it predicts something that’s still yet to come. Kind of like how the World Cup could foreshadow an increasing American interest in soccer. On a smaller level, your prospect might remember your call better if they knew you were going to call again or follow-up in another way. The point is that you need to set something in the future with your marketing actions so that they can still expect more.


  • Relevance – If there’s anything more important than following-up, it’s being relevant to your prospect’s needs. That’s how you make the connection. You can call them again and again but if your value proposition just isn’t relevant, it’s all pointless. Your calls need to touch on a problem your prospect would like to solve (preferably soon). That keeps them more open to receive your follow-ups.


  • Consistency and lifetime – Finally, you need to rid yourself of the drive-by mentality. The World Cup played out an entire month, not just a day. It shouldn’t be a surprise how that makes it hard for the fever to fade. It was kept fresh in people’s minds for a certain period of time. It should hardly be any different with your telemarketing campaign. It should have a set lifetime and consistency so that your own message stays fresh for a while.


Think of it like planting a seed. Watering it and pulling the weeds takes work but the result is you’ll know a seed was there from the tree that grows out of it. It’s the same with keeping your marketing messages from fading into history. Plant an idea and nurture it by keeping it relevant in a prospect’s mind.

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