Telemarketing Tips – Move On To the Next In Line

You better believe it when telemarketing experts tell you that time will always be on short supply for you. No matter how much you hope you can wait out for the next prospect, there are times when your telemarketing agents need to move on. If your merchant firm is like a plane, you have to learn when to leave late ‘passengers’ behind (assuming if there are even any) and move your telemarketing efforts elsewhere.


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A Different Sort Of Telemarketing Delay


Your yourself are not the only one who is also short on time. There are other parties out there who cannot wait for your telemarketing process to qualify a slow prospects. Some might say slow prospects deserve attention a well but that should never be at the cost of the following:


  • Your salespeople – Your salespeople do not just want one but many credit card processing leads. Why do you have to keep them from scheduling another if it managed to qualify faster? If a potential customer is taking his or her time, set aside a more specialized slot. Prospects who go through faster with telemarketing should naturally given more attention to keep your telemarketing campaign going.


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  • Your other customers – What if there are other prospects waiting for your call while you wait for the supposed ‘big catch’ to call you? For example, if you were using inbound telemarketing, do you ignore any other number besides the one belonging to your most likely prospect? No! Your telemarketing campaign should always be on the move! And at very least, it will make you productive while waiting.


  • Your telemarketers – Sometimes even your own telemarketers will tell you that they are better off telemarketing faster prospects for the time being than just sitting around. You cannot just expect them to miss out on other sales leads because you are waiting a return call from a bigger prospect.


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Telemarketing may be about a longer yet more engaging sales process but that does not mean it limits itself to a selected few. On the contrary, it still looks to attract a high number of potential clients just like advertising or other forms of popular marketing. The business lead generation process holds the same amount of importance on moving on to the next in line!

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