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If accents and telemarketing were chemicals, mixing them would be like mixing nitro or TNT. And in the IT industry, things are bad enough without miscommunication complicates client problems. People never run out of jabs when it comes to telemarketers that have accents and for good reason. Aside from the fact that the best telemarketers try not to have one, neutralizing your tone and voice also has the same effect in case your prospect has an accent too!


How Telemarketing With A Neutral Voice Neutralizes Your Prospect’s


Telemarketing, IT Telemarketing, Appointment SettingIt sounds crazy at first. It is not like your telemarketing skills can magically make a Shakespeare out of a prospect who mostly speaks, say, Chinese compared to English. And yes, in a sense there is nothing about neutralizing your telemarketing voice that really accomplishes that. What it does accomplish however is it keeps the conversation from being a complete mess:


  • Neutral is universal – When you use telemarketing to acquire IT leads, think of it as the preview of the times that will become frequent when a prospect calls you about any problems. When your accent is neutral, at least you are perfectly clear. There are no slight quips or odd stops in your speech that garble the message. It is like the perfect fusion of sounding like an electronic message but can be natural as a real telemarketer should be.


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  • Better one-sided than double awkward – Ever heard a telemarketer with one accent and a gatekeeper with another? It might give the likes of Russell Peters some material but it is not going to push your IT telemarketing campaign. Better to at least have your side as the easiest to understand compared to a gatekeeper with poor communication skills (and as a side not, that is something their customer services might want to look into).


  • It makes stereotyping difficult – If you think about it, having a neutral voice can actually make you sound more unique in your IT telemarketing conversations. The voice of a neutral telemarketer does not accurately fit into any gag stereotype. Furthermore, a neutral telemarketing voice is an inoffensive one and cares more about giving a clear response than how funnily stereotypical a prospect sounds.


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Neutralizing accents is not exactly a new topic among telemarketing experts. But despite how often this has been repeated, why is it still popular to poke fun? That is because the problem is often underestimated. People have yet to appreciate the business value of a neutral voice. It is fine to make jokes about it every now and then but when the time comes for IT appointment setting and qualifying leads, best start neutralizing.


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