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Father’s Day is this coming weekend but plenty of people do more than just celebrate biological Dads on it. Some celebrate foster parents, the leadership ideals that fatherhood implies, as well as father figures.


And speaking of which, you can’t get closer to a father figure in business than in a mentor. For entrepreneurs and their start-ups, a mentor can be their best consultant and wisest advisor. Plenty of leading businessmen are mentors (e.g. Guy Kawasaki and Warren Buffett).


That however might be a good reason for why it’s difficult to find yourself one. Fortunately, B2B lead generators like telemarketing are just one among the several ways you can get in touch.


Getting a mentor requires a personal reach.


When you first begin your search, it’s commonly suggested that you start with your immediate circle of friends and family. So when it comes to that, it doesn’t make sense to send your run-of-the mill email promo. You need to show these people that it’s really you behind the message and not your blasters.


That’s why it makes sense to either give them a call or even visit them at their office. You know these people personally. (In fact, that in itself is already an advantage.) It makes sense that your means of communicating with them isn’t so automated.


These people command plenty of respect.


Being a mentor puts you in a powerful position of influence. That’s why you can’t just take up much of their time. One testament of their own B2B marketing success is the fact that many people have already heard of them. You’re not the only one who goes to them for advice.


That’s why getting in touch and staying in touch should be with a lot more effort. Mentors value the knowledge and experience they share. You can’t just expect them to hand it over (even at a good price) if they don’t see you as the type to even make use of it.


You can’t just forget about them either.


What’s the point of establishing good ties with your mentors when you have no intention of remembering them? If you’re going to give them something, give them something that already adds to their success. Help them share their influence and there’s a chance that they might even do the same for you. Give them options on what they’d like to have in return for their mentorship even if you think it wouldn’t be enough. It’s really the thought that counts, even in B2B marketing.


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