Telemarketing Tips – See Unoriginality Going Both Ways

Whether it is telemarketing or advertising, you have probably been charged with lack of originality at some point. And most likely, this charge comes from the fact that you just stick to memorizing scripts. What is interesting is that this lack of originality actually goes both ways. You think telemarketing is the only thing that fails to go beyond scripted?


How Auto Insurance Telemarketing Can Call Out Unoriginal Critics


Telemarketing, Outbound Telemarketing, Lead GenerationMake no mistake though, perhaps bad telemarketing and advertising can be a reason for why critics make the same complaints. What is interesting though is these are under the assumption that such complaints are the only defense they will ever need. Good telemarketing on the other hand, not only challenges those same, cliched rebuttals but also challenges them to look deep into their attitudes towards marketing in general.


The trick is not to just start giving scripts more creative spins but using those changes to simultaneously destabilize their presumptions about telemarketing calls.


  • 1. Know what they usually expect – For example, if your telemarketing for auto insurance leads, gatekeepers are likely to expect a very typical pitch. This alone can be enough to tell you what you need to prove wrong. On the other hand, some can be so paranoid that anything sounds like a pitch and you might want to find another way to get in touch with your target decision maker.


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  • 2. Identify equally scripted responses – Who sees callers are the only ones who are repetitive? Apparently they have never been received by an answering machine. Or worse still, you have a real gatekeeper that acts like one. When outbound telemarketing focuses on giving a more realistic and less automated way of speaking, it really catches automated responders off-guard. (Example: be polite in asking questions and show some curiosity about the business).


  • 3. Be unusually honest – If it is quite clear that they are not interested in being ‘sold to’ or even ‘marketed to’ then be most sincere when saying that is not your primary intention (not with the call anyways). Like advertising, you are using the phone to simply let prospects know of your business’ existence. If they are not interested, then be on your way. You have already accomplished what you called for.


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All in all, the change begins with you. You want to disprove the telemarketing and advertising critics? The logical solution is to present something that runs counter to their marketing stereotypes. Strive for originality and use their rigid and repetitive complaints as the status quo to be challenged. The result is your auto insurance sales lead generation strategy that has advanced while leaving critics with unoriginal responses that have already been addressed.

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