Telemarketing Tips – The Line Between Person and Position

A common yet effective piece of telemarketing advice is to always remember that you’re talking to a person. Regardless if they’re a gatekeeper you’re trying to bypass or the decision maker you’re trying to get an appointment with.


Still, sometimes the reality is that the position of the person remains to be the focus of your tactics and even the conversation. Why does this happen? What causes this to remain a necessity and how does it keep you from really getting the most out of your telemarketing campaign?


  • People change, positions don’t– Maybe it’s got something to do with the very fact that they’re people. People can change. Positions don’t. Some people go up the ladder, relegating the appointment to their replacement. Other times, they move to a completely different company and completely throw everything you’ve managed to build up with them.

    ...or are you?


  • People have passion, positions don’t – This one is a bigger no-brainer. How do you get a particular job position? Having a passion for it certainly counts as a plus. So when it looks like your prospect has more passion for something after-hours, you’ll know that you’re just talking to a position. (The author of Gone Girl sure is one extreme example.)


  • People remember, positions don’t – Sometimes you have to ask yourself: Do you want your business to keep working, calling, and listening to this particular person? Because the more you say yes, the less likely they’ll forget what you’re doing for the sake of it. And the more they remember, you have to ask a second question: Would you like it if they did?


  • People make the decisions, positions enforce – Of course, this will never mean that positions aren’t important. In fact, as good as you can be at convincing people, they can’t act if their position lack the authority to actually justify what you’re asking them to do. This the most evident cause of focusing on a position and less on the person.


On that last note, it might give you good reason to really reflect on the importance of picking your prospects. Focus on the wrong person and you could be drawn into some very difficult business relationships. Perhaps it’s not just about where your prospect draws the line between themselves and their organization. It’s how well you can assess that line when qualifying them.

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