Telemarketing Tips – Use It To Measure Other Results

If you have been using telemarketing in conjunction with other marketing tools, you can actually use it to see if those other tools really are delivering. You do not have to wait for salespeople to give their feedback. Some marketing results can be so vague, the only way you can solidify their value is to make a telemarketing call.

How Telemarketing Can Test Other Marketing Results

Telemarketing, Telemarketing Services, Lead GenerationA good example can actually be found in the recent trend of social media marketing. Many gurus are celebrating how it is revolutionizing the entire practice and is leaving email, advertising, and telemarketing in the dust. Contrary to that popularized opinion however, having a lot of Likes or Fans on Facebook are from clear indicators of your true marketing value.

Telemarketing however is your ticket to finding out just exactly what kind of value your B2B business has on social media and if the latter can really generate leads.

Now to start, you do not have to pull the plug on your social marketing. In fact, you need to maintain your connection on social media in order for a telemarketing implement to take effect. Networking platforms still are an alternative channel for communication. It stands to reason that there remains a lot of information that your agents can work with.

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More specifically, telemarketing should be used to know:

  • Who has seen you – Sites like LinkedIn inform their users of who else has viewed their page. Facebook offers the option to see who clicked “Like” and who your Fans are. While those cannot tell you everything by themselves, you can follow-up with telemarketing. Look through the profiles for a business number. Make sure it is not under DNC protection and make the call.
  • Why they took interest – Again, just a number of Likes or Fans are not enough to tell you if you are drawing the right kind of attention. Furthermore, do not just stop at one profile. You need to go through several and use telemarketing services to get a general idea if the people who clicked really were the type to take interest in your B2B service.
  • How long it might take to qualify – Sometimes, you feel that it would be best to not qualify right away. You are there to simply make sure your live, telemarketing conversations reflect the results you are seeing on social networks. In such cases, you should take the measure of their and just try to predict how long it would take to qualify. You never know whether or not they are all completely interested.

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This technique of using telemarketing to measure social marketing really goes back to the simple concept that what is online does not always reflect reality. It does not help now when social marketing is struggling with bots and bad practices replicating the very things that made them so valued. Make sure this does not happen to your social marketers and start using telemarketing to verify other marketing results.

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