Telemarketing When Your Product Is More Advanced

Just because telemarketing seems old does not mean it is not incapable of promoting things that are far more ‘advanced.’ If such were the case, software companies would have lesser need to put a phone number for customer service. Despite so many technological advancements, there are many elements to a telemarketing call that remain to be carried into today’s B2B marketing.


What Elements Of Telemarketing Are Critical To Today’s Marketing In General?

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationThe world is teeming with tech businesses leading the way businesses engage with customers. The increasing prevalence of the smart phone is already hailing its own revolution. Companies like Google are developing devices which put interfaces before your very eyes. Yet despite all that, the needs which drive such innovations remain the same. Using this logic, telemarketing is more likely to grow as just advanced.


For example, suppose your company needs software leads for a newly developed system that actually allows online shoppers to view what it is they are ordering in real time. What you may not realize is that such a system deals with a need that telemarketing also addresses: the need for authenticity.


  • The new has failed to address problems of the old – Even during ancient times, merchants and royals would travel far to see something for themselves before they believe. In that same sense, telemarketing was meant to be a more convenient way to address the problem of distance. Granted, it came with flaws abusing the anonymity of not showing a face. But the fact remains, showing authenticity is still a need.


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  • The old advances into something new – You could also say that these core elements allow telemarketing to be built upon when it comes to more technologically advanced means of marketing for B2B software. Your customers are not just going to believe what you put on your website you know but it does work well with a B2B telemarketing call if you use the latter to confirm their inquiry.


  • The mix of new and old eliminates bad alternatives – Opening your business to the concepts in both old and new forms of marketing keeps your eyes clear from being blinded by labels. You want to have an authentic conversation with a prospect and it just so happens that telemarketing represents its best in comparison to more anonymous forms of online communication. There is no biased intention anymore.


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So as you can see, no matter how old telemarketing may be, it remains to address the same problems that today’s online marketing struggles to address. You are more likely to advance it with new software or new innovations in business lead generation, rather than render it obsolete.

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One thought on “Telemarketing When Your Product Is More Advanced

  1. Barbara McKinney

    Another area where phone sales work better than other methods is when discovering benefits specific to different individuals is a big part of selling. Some products and services are more obvious than others, but one thing that is universal is that every potential customer is going to have a completely different set of needs. This is something that selling online, on television and by mail simply cannot cover.


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