The Other Star Players of Your Telemarketing Team

A lot sure happened during the latest Superbowl. You had Bruno Mars, a halftime of blockbuster trailers, creative corporate ads and of course, the astounding first-time victory for the Seattle Seahawks.


Despite the top offensive strategies of the Broncos, it was well received by an equally quick, defensive response by the Seattle-based football team. But in football, the star players aren’t the only ones who make the game.


Likewise, a telemarketer isn’t the only primary asset of your B2B lead generation campaign.


It’s a common misconception (and it’s especially dangerous to overlook when you’re outsourcing). A successful B2B telemarketing strategy isn’t just about hiring somebody to pick up the phone. That’d be like forming a football team that does nothing but tackle!


So who else makes up your telemarketing team?


  • Account Manager (Quarterback) – They’re more or less the leader of the team. They’re at the forefront of the offensive line and calling the shots, second only to the team coach (which means you, the customer). They take their team’s responsibilities seriously and ensures that you are at the top of everyone’s mind.


  • Sales Rep (Wide Receiver) – What good are all those leads if you don’t make much out of them? You need someone to not only engage clients quickly but also react quickly. This person should be dedicated to coordinating and generating sales in the frontlines while forwarding them for the entire team.


  • Digital Marketing Specialist (Defensive End) – You also need someone to defend the frontlines. And for telemarketing, a digital marketer can be just that. Digital marketers understand the unexpected challenges of guiding brand messages across new mediums. All the while they fortify the team’s effort with fresh ideas and new skills. As marketing evolves, they help everyone keep up by mentoring those in other content-based roles like community managers and bloggers.


  • Data Analyst (Linebacker) – This isn’t to say analytics aren’t important. An analyst is there to remind everyone that ongoing results are everyone’s responsibility, not just one person’s. Remember that certain results come from different parts of the team. Email marketers are responsible for open rates. Digital marketers are in charge of conversion rates via Facebook or LinkedIn. As more marketing programs go cross-channel, an analyst should be there to help everyone understand how their tasks come together and define the success of the overall program.


  • Quality Analyst (Strong Safety) – Another full time defender is someone who screens all data that’s provided to you to check if the team has reached standard values. Many are also responsible for developing standardized testing methods that can be taught to other inspectors at the company. Based on the data collected, the quality analysts also work to improve the processes through which an outsourced company operates (such as altering company policies and developing workflow etc). They’re responsible for the application of analysis results and as well as presenting them to either client companies or upper management.


Your star telemarketers won’t be as good as they are without the full support, cooperation, and contribution from others. This doesn’t mean they are any less critical to your campaign but having them means having the all-in-one package that is their team.

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