Three Lead Generation Appointment Setting Tips from Dogs

lead generation appointment settingWhen you come home from a busy day at work, who is the first one to greet you? Your significant other? Your kids? Or even your dog? You may not know it but your dog can teach you a thing or two about proper lead generation appointment setting techniques!



How is this possible?”



This is absurd.”



My dog can’t even go outside without my help. How can he possibly teach me about business-to-business marketing?”





The following are the top three things that you can learn for your business marketing campaign from man’s best friend.



Lesson #1: Dogs that are well taken care of are loyal to their masters.



If you take care of your pet pug, beagle, Siberian husky, or even if it is a chihuahua, they will always follow you around. Not because they are waiting for you to give them a treat, but due to the fact that they just want to be with you. In short, they want your presence.



Much like qualified b2b leads and existing clientèle, they will always stick to your company if you take care of them. No you do not have to treat them out to lunch everyday or give them baths. What you need to do is feed them with information.



Giving them valuable information (i.e. news, updates, promotions) from time to time is vital to the success of the campaign.



Lesson #2: Most dogs are incapable of providing themselves with their needs.



Dogs need their masters to take care of them at all times. Most of them can not help themselves with regards to getting food, drinks, or even when it comes to grooming.



Business leads are people so they know how to feed and groom themselves. However, they might not have a strong idea on what they really need for their business. This is where you come in; you need to play the role of a consultant to help them get the low down on what they really need.



If you manage to find what their company lacks, then you are well on your way to acquiring a new sale.



Lessong #3: Dogs are simple minded creatures.



Do not get this statement wrong; man’s best friend can be pleased by rather simple methods. Just give him a treat or rub his belly and you will see him wagging his tail in joy.



Pleasing dogs is rather easy to understand but the story is different when it comes to getting in touch with your targeted markets. In order to set an appointment with your b2b leads, you need to find their ‘tickle spot” (so to speak). What this means is that you need to find a way for you to cater to their needs while keeping tabs on their own satisfaction.



Remember, a sizable amount of organizations around the globe promote good customer satisfaction in order to get more sales.



Learn from man’s best friend for better lead generation and business appointment setting.



For more information about how you can gain more out of your b2b appointment setting campaign, visit today.


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