Use Appointment Setting to Exorcise Angry Ghost Clients

Guess what? Just because there may be no such thing as ghosts doesn’t mean ghost clients don’t exist. They’re real. And if you don’t use your appointment setting strategies to deal with them, they’re going to haunt you till your business hits the grave.


Like vengeful spirits, some clients can just be really terrifying to deal with. Some of them shoot nothing but complaints. Other times you get those that are just plain helpless when you’re not making frequent calls to make sure things are working out.


But in the end, exorcising them through your appointment setting strategy is important. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need holy water or a real exorcist to pull it off.


Yes. These are all ghosts.

Ever watched Thir13en Ghosts? A fascinating detail about the movie is that it really shows how ghosts can be so different from each other. They’re not like werewolves or vampires wherein the means of turning into one remain pretty much the same. For the movie’s ghosts, each died in their own unique (albeit extremely horrible) way. One got chopped up, another got nails hammered into his body etc.


Your clients are suffering somewhat in the same way. (The good news is that nobody’s dead or dying.) Many have genuine problems that you just have to deal with along with their attitude issues. Here’s how your appointment setting strategies can improve your relationship and why you need to act fast:


  • Reviewing follow-up history – How long have they been a customer of your company? You can’t make any solution without first understanding a good deal about your prospect’s history. How did they end up this way? What have they tried? Who else has tried to help them?


  • Finding the missing pieces – In a games and books featuring spiteful spooks, there’s always something that’s tying the dead to their place. What similar objects or elements are tying down your prospect to a particular problem?


  • Ready to confront – Handling objections is part of the job description during any part of the appointment setting campaign. It’s especially important however when it comes to dealing with difficult prospects and clients. Train yourself mentally to hand conflicts.


Your toughest customers can also be the ones who generate the highest amount of business for your company. It can even be fitting for them to be difficult because they have done as much for your company as you have for theirs. It’s no surprise that they can be like angry ghosts when you neglect them.

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