Using Sales Lead Generation to Keep Prospects Converted

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘preaching to the choir’ and it’s often a metaphor used to discourage spending money on the already converted. On the surface, it makes a lot of sense (especially from a B2B marketing standpoint). Sales lead generation can be costly and you don’t want to invest any more of it than you already have to.


But what if you actually do have to? Are you certain that once a prospect’s been converted to buy your solution, they’re going to stay converted?


It’s true that more complex issues regarding customer data can also be blamed for why B2B organizations don’t market to their own customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t have simpler and more obvious reasons for why they hesitate. One being that decreasing satisfaction is a reality that many B2B marketers acknowledge but don’t entirely face. They’d rather stick their hopes into the next big deal, the next big sale.


But if the 80/20 adage is true, maybe preaching to the choir might be the better idea after all. If it’s more expensive to acquire new customers, it logically follows that repeat buyers can generate more sales than they do in the long run.


Ironically, maybe this is why B2B marketers don’t see the need to keep marketing to them. It’s easy to see how generating a repeat sale doesn’t require too much effort. The real tragedy though is that it only looks that way at first glance. It only pulls more wool over your eyes, keeping you from considering the idea that your customers will lose interest. Here are several good reasons why they might:


  • They’re looking for something new – One way or another, your prospects will be looking for something new. They might want a cheaper solution. They could take interest in another vendor. They might just simply grow dissatisfied. But in all cases, know that your prospects want something new.


  • Solutions break, eventually – Why would you fix something that isn’t broken? Easy, because it might just break eventually. This does not mean undermine your current offerings though. It simply means you need to brace yourself when problems now start cropping up.


  • You’re set to a standard – Finally, the reason why customers first came to you was because offered something that was different than what they had. Whether it was a way out of a problem or a new way to solve it, you gave them that. That means you’re held to that standard. They don’t you to juts solve one thing for one time. They want you to keep thinking ahead. That means staying in touch and marketing to them.


Think of it like planting a seed. You might think it might grow on its own but it’s still better to water it, pull the weeds, and essentially helping it grow. Sure you can take one or two days off of tending it but that’s a far cry from letting it wither and die.

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