VOIP Facts and How to Gain Leads for the Industry

voip leads, lead generation, appointment settingHearing the words “Voice Over Internet Protocol” can scare the living daylights out of people. Well, not exactly; however it can put people (businessmen and consumers alike) into a state of confusion. It is with this reason that companies within this sector have trouble gaining quality VOIP leads.

In truth, there is still a large fraction of today’s global population that do not know a think with regards to VOIP. They have absolutely no idea on the possibilities it can hold, or worse, no idea that it’s a telephone and a phone service. The hard part for VOIP companies to deal with lead generation and appointment setting is that it may become to technical for “Newbies” to understand this great piece of technology.

Here are some facts that companies can use to gain the trust and interest of their soon-to-be VOIP leads and clientèle.


  1. Easy call transferring

    Since VOIP can be placed on an internal network, it can harness a power to what many landline phones are incapable of doing effectively – call routing and transferring. Simply put, you can have multiple people listening and talking to a single conference call with ease. Furthermore, calls can be transferred to the right recipient without having to end the conversation and dialing a new number. This creates a more hassle free and less time consuming experience for the company’s clients and pique the interests of VOIP leads.

  2. Cost Efficient plan on making (and receiving) calls

    Here’s a scenario that one can use in talking with possible VOIP leads: Imagine receiving a call but they have to transfer it to someone else. If they have the wrong person on the line, they have to either tell the person the right number to call (in which case said person has to dial again), or they have to tell the individual to convene the person back (in this scenario, it costs more as another point of contact is made). VOIP phones and services eliminates the need to dial phone numbers again and again which ultimately lessens down costs.

  3. Improves sales and marketing activities

    B2B VOIP leads need to be told that through these telephones and telephone services, they are able to increase their sales and marketing efforts. For instance, if they plan on cold calling targeted sales leads of their own then getting a VOIP telephone and a service will hasten their lead generation and appointment setting activities. Since the connection is associated with Internet protocols, the line can connect at a faster and smoother rate.

Now, knowing the facts is not enough for generating VOIP leads. There is still a certain level of b2b marketing expertise that needs to be adapted. To better their chances at having a successful lead generation and appointment setting campaign, these companies should get the aid of professional telemarketers along with the pay per call telemarketing program.

Within this payment program, the company can get the interests of their targeted leads at a price that is easy on their budget. At a price of 1 to 2 USD per call, the campaign gets the right kind of skill set and expertise that is needed for the marketing campaign’s imminent success.

For more information on getting the aid of the pay per call telemarketing service, companies just need to pick up a phone of their own and start dialing the number of a reliable contact firm with this type of payment scheme. Take note, reliable contact agencies have the necessary know-hows with regards to Voice Over Internet Protocol as it is most likely that they use the same device to make their calls.

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