What Appointment Setters Can’t Do for 30 Seconds

Superbowl advertising sure gets a lot of hype for what are essentially just 30-second, bite-sized commercials. Marketers working in the longer process of B2B sales might even dismiss it all as pandering to the excess of impulsive, consumer culture.


But you know, what if there’s something these ads can do in thirty seconds that just can’t be done by your sophisticated B2B appointment setters?


You can’t deny the entertainment factor. After all, it’s often a complaint among those who think that corporate marketing is serious business. It’s not enough for a seasoned sales rep to hear how much a nice conversation a prospect had with their telemarketer (and vice-versa). They still want the hard facts about whether or not they really wanted the product or if they had the budget to really make the sale.


In spite of that though, do you really think this is the sort of attitude that will last you long enough to close a sale?


In spite of all the talk of holding prospects to professional standards or targeting only those who take your offer seriously, that seriousness can actually kill a sales meeting.


Think about this for a second: Imagine you’re the prospect. They got an email from you. They took interest after visiting your website. But all in all, you’re still something they look forward to no more than they look forward to a meeting with their own CEO.


When they’re that tired, you’d likely lose their attention to a Danny Trejo Superbowl ad and they’d sooner buy themselves a Snickers than think another second about what the sales meeting is going to be like.


This is where your appointment setters fail and where these seemingly corny commercials succeed. But you know, you can actually fix this with just a few changes to your marketing approach.


  • Use something familiar – It can be a reference to the season (like how February is to Valentines). You can also use funny analogies that help your prospects understand your value proposition in ways that are more down-to-earth (as opposed to alienating them). In short, use something that any regular person can easily familiarize with.


  • Value the casual conversation – Not all small talk is pointless. Talking about a few off-topic subjects with a prospect might tell you everything about how they understand the more serious subjects. The next time your prospect mentions a few irrelevant tidbits, don’t stop them immediately. Pause for a bit to see how it can help you further conversation.


  • Don’t switch, transist – Avoid making hard switches between casual and serious conversation. Rather make a smoother transition between the two. This will keep you from sounding either too irrelevant/irreverent or too serious about winning the sale. It’s a delicate balancing act but not without its rewards.


Being able to hold your attention for a full 30 seconds and then sticking to the mind for even longer than that is often the hallmark of creative advertising. And yet, it shouldn’t be impossible to apply in a process that arguably needs a stronger grip on a person’s attention.

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