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What to Look For in Lead Generation Telemarketers

lead generation, telemarketing, business leads, sales leads, professional telemarketers, b2b telemarketing, lead generation company, appointment settersAlthough we have plenty of other methods to help us in doing lead generation, we still just can’t get rid of telemarketing as something we should consider making use of. Now, when it comes to telemarketing, we leave our campaign in the hands of telemarketers who act as our front-liners; they pick up the phone, make cold calls and hopefully generate sales leads for us.

Before your telemarketing campaign can take off though, you first need to find the right telemarketers for the job. You can go as far as to look in every nook and cranny or under rocks and in hollow tree trunks. You are bound to find some people who are a good fit for your campaign soon enough. However, in assembling your team, you should be aware of what you need to look for in a telemarketer.

So what should you be on the look out for in searching for employees to join the ranks of your B2B lead generation telemarketing team? Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Look for people with a positive attitude – In the job of lead generation through telemarketing, your employees are bound to end up stressed and bummed out due to all the rejection that comes with making cold calls. The type of employee you want working on your calling campaign should be an employee that has a positive attitude as they won’t be easily affected by the rejection and will more likely be able to cope with such a stressful job.

  • Shows enthusiasm – A telemarketer you definitely want is one that is enthusiastic with the job. B2B telemarketing campaigns tend to be long and tedious so an enthusiastic employee is best as he/she will more likely stay on and want to keep on moving forward.

  • Is a team player – The days of the lone wolf are gone when it comes to lead generation through telemarketing. Teams are what works and what gets the job done. If your employee is willing and wants to work with others, then he/she is a good fit for the job.

  • Knows when to be persistent – In lead generation, you need to be persistent. Your telemarketers, however, should not always be persistent when dealing with prospects. We all know that quotas are hard to meet, however, that should not be an excuse as to why your telemarketer won’t take know for an answer. Good telemarketers should know when to pursue and when to back off.

  • Shows empathy – You have tailored your lead generation strategy on the wants and needs of your customers. In other words you have been empathetic to what prospects in your target market are after. The same should go for your telemarketers. They should be able to understand your customers and effectively communicate your message as well as be able to establish rapport.

Running a telemarketing campaign to generate business leads is a difficult task, especially when you are looking for some good telemarketers to join your team. On the other hand, getting the services of a lead generation company is also a risky decision. The challenge of getting skilled appointment setters is big. Well, now you know what to watch for. Let these traits and behaviors serve as your guide to assembling your front-line team of callers!

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