When All Lead Generators Want the Gold

Leprechauns may only seem lucky but they arguably could have the short end of the stick when it comes to gold. Everyone seems to know where to find it!


It’s very much in the same way all the B2B lead generators in the world know where to find their gold: contact information. Prospects everywhere seem bombarded because, one way or another, some confounded marketer got a hold of their number or email address. The result is that they’re inundated and the toughest ones make for an even harder sell.


People easily forget that the reason why leprechauns hid their gold in the first place was because, well, it’s their gold. Sure they can be mischievous, miserly little sprites (with a lot of magic to boot) but who’s to say their reaction isn’t all the different from your typical prospect?


This is one of the challenges of today’s B2B marketing environment. Lead generators everywhere already know where the end of the rainbow is. What matters now is whether how hostile the leprechauns guarding the gold are.


  • Measure the value of information by its scarcity – Think of your prospect data as a legendary golden key that will get you into the hearts of decision makers and get you the buy-ins of all organizations. Would it be so legendary though if everyone had one? Likewise, it’s hard to imagine winning a prospect with information everyone already has. It defeats the value of information.


  • Understand what the gold will bring – Exactly what good would such golden information be of use to your company? Even if certain types of information are not so easily obtained, it’s even more important to justify their acquisition. Will you be able to identify a pain point that only your value proposition can address? Does it prove that yours has the better pricing?


  • Check the gold you already have – Finally, sometimes the most valuable information is already in your hands. Namely: Your current customers. Nurturing them in the long run will eventually yield gems you otherwise wouldn’t know if you were just yet one more lead generator looking to snag an easy appointment.


Real gold is actually more abundant than its value implies. It’s the cost of digging it up that give its rarity and what attracted forty-niners. So when lead generators are looking for a bit of golden lead data of their own, they should understand that there’s more to it than what everyone’s been doing to find it.

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