When Outsourcing Lead Generation, Avoid Judging by Business Models

Criticizing business models has been real popular lately. Whether you’re Tim Cook declaring war on ad-based services or just some regular consumer activist fighting for his/her privacy, you get a lot of people’s attention when a business model incites someone’s judgment call.


But in terms of practicality, is this really so helpful? Do you really need one more obstacle to outsourcing your lead generation campaigns?


Take a step back and briefly remember why you decided to outsource.


  • Could it be because you wanted to be cost-efficient?
  • You’ve got a new global strategy and outsourcing gets you a better market position?
  • Your current marketing resources need a bit more support?


If it’s any of these, you’ll notice that you can’t really afford more delays. How many vendors have you already ‘screened’ and then just turned down because someone else didn’t feel comfortable about their business model? What if you’re reaching the point that you might as well find ways to finance your own lead generator? You might end up just undermining your own objectives.


While there’s a time and place for critiquing a business model and voicing ethical concerns, that’s not 100% of the time. More likely you’re still spending 80% of that time trying to get enough sales leads every day. You don’t have the luxury to:


  • Check their intentions – Suppose a company offers a pay-per-lead model. Do you see them as an organization willing to risk or do you think they’re setting themselves up for cheapskates? Could be neither. Maybe they do have natural confidence in their services. Maybe their model is aimed towards customers with lower marketing budgets. But ultimately, would you rather waste time pondering this or are you going to finally get yourself a service your sales still keep asking you for?


  • Create an alternative – Frankly, if you can come up with a better business model, it doesn’t make sense why you would struggle to the point that you would consider outsourcing to lead generation companies. It’s like calling a list of plumbers to ask about how to fix but in the end, you keep thinking of ‘better ways’ than they can. Don’t take this the wrong way but, why haven’t you?



Again, there’s a time and place for assessing who your partners are. But at the end of the day, when you feel just lucky to know you’ve always get several knew clients meeting with you, avoiding judgment calls is one way to be grateful.

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