Why Must Lead Generators Go Local in Order to Go Global?

For any seasoned marketer, the answer is obvious (especially if they’re well-versed in the marketing art of localization). When a B2B organization expands its reach and starts setting up base in different part of the world, going global and going local go hand-in-hand.


On the other hand, some lead generators might think that working on a purely online basis is enough to keep you from the responsibility of localized marketing.


After all, is being local really such a big deal when your clients use Google?


Unfortunately for you, everyone knows that Google has long taken initiatives to increase the impact of localized search on online marketing (with the biggest recent change coming in the form of its Pigeon update).


So what does it mean? Does this sound like more algorithms in need of cracking?


It’s more likely that Google really is just only one of the many who realize the basic relationship between localizing and globalizing.


The second problem is that globalization can be a tad complicated topic that covers fields such as technology, economics, and even politics. Fortunately, some of the things that are easier to grasp are also what you can immediately apply to your lead generation strategy:


  • Think of local as your first step in a new town – You don’t have to set up shop in a different country start localizing something. Sometimes you just have to go only as far as another town or another state. The smallest differences can already guide you on what to do next.


  • Identify something in common between yourself and the local market – Yes, even in B2B industries, standards aren’t as universal as they appear. There are always nuances that come into the picture. Yet, the paradox is that the only way you can ever expand to another market in another place is by finding something it has in common with your previous clients.


  • What you have in common can define your global brand – Think of all the big brands and what they all have in common. It can be something as innocuous as a logo or something more complex like a dedication to addressing certain needs. Whatever it is, they have managed to pitch it to everyone and that’s what all of them will have in common. It’s what globally defines your company and your brand.


And that’s the paradox of globalization and localization in a hopefully less complicated nutshell. There’s no escaping the need to study the individual nuances of a new market in the hopes of making it a part of your own growing experience.

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