Will IT Telemarketing Be Your Start-Up IT Firm’s Game Changer?

As a start-up IT company, one of your priorities is to increase revenue. The only way that’s going to happen is for you to find new customers. However, it is never easy to find business prospects that would love to employ the services of your IT firm. Due to the desire to obtain more leads, some IT companies choose to make use of IT telemarketing as part of their lead generation and marketing strategies.


Imagine a scenario in which your start-up IT firm isn’t exactly doing well. If that’s what exactly is happening to you then you will perhaps say that you need a sort of game changer to get you back on track and keep your business running. So what’s your game plan? How are you going to market to your prospects and attract new customers to your firm?


Why should you turn to the use of telemarketing to generate IT sales leads? Aren’t there other ways in which you can market your services to businesses that need it? Well, here are some reasons as to why using phone is going to be a game changer for your firm.


A cheaper alternative to marketing your IT services.

Most companies would turn to heavy advertising to reel in new customers for your IT services – IT outsourcing, IT consulting, web development, network management, web hosting, cloud computing, etc. The problem is that doing so is not only expensive but may not prove to get the results needed by the business that employs it. IT companies that cater to other businesses aren’t ones that are going to benefit from the use of advertising mediums such as TV ads, radio advertisements and the like.


Telemarketing on the other hand is a proven IT sales lead generation method which is used by businesses in order to bring in new customers. Although it does require an investment of its own, the price you pay would all be worth the possibility of getting more IT sales leads and future sales.





Boasts good penetration rates.

One concern that many marketers have with their tactics is penetration rates. Some marketing methods just aren’t able to “getin there” and deliver the intended message to prospects. Advertising is effective; however, it should be able to penetrate into a company’s target market in order for it to be effective.


Telemarketing is known for being a direct marketing tool that is able to put marketers where they need to be – talking to their prospects, and sales reps in business appointments through cold calling and B2B appointment setting. Telemarketing boasts high penetration rates because it allows you to market directly to decision makers with relative ease, such as being patched through directly to the intended contact person after the call is answered. Also, the phone cannot be ignored (it keeps ringing) thus calls have higher chances of getting responses.


So do you think B2B telemarketing is going to be your IT firm’s game changer? Put a game plan together and see how telemarketing plays its role in your organizations marketing strategy.

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