Your Double Life and Your Lead Generation Campaign

The idea of having a double life sounds like the worst one you could have as part of a lead generation strategy. Yet, despite this, plenty of sales professionals engage in the behavior regardless. And ironically, nothing makes this easier than the front created by your marketing campaigns.


Does this mean that your campaign’s doomed to fall from the curse of bad PR? Think again. Not all double lives are the kind that paint the shadiest scenes of corporate drama. Sometimes just being anything besides a sales rep (or a sales prospect­) is enough to create a different identity that needs knowing better.


Tony Stark's sure proud of his!

Just call it the Double Life Effect. When you present a side of yourself that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your business, it feels like you’re hawking something irrelevant. Same thing goes if you’re bringing up something about a prospect that doesn’t seem relevant to their needs.


On the other hand, what happens when you box your mind strictly inside its own business silo? You take out all ‘noise’ sure, but are you sure you should be so vigilant? What if you’re blocking out an alternative means of reaching a prospect? What if your prospect could understand you better if you knew a couple personal things about them?


This is why the Double Life Effect can actually prove beneficial in your lead generation strategy. You open yourself to the possibility that you’re not just a salesperson and your prospect isn’t just some manager.


You are both dynamic human beings.


From your perspective


Say it’s another day of prospecting. You got an email from somebody who’s interested in your prospect. What do you do? Send them back another email and then just sit and wait?


How about just giving them a phone call or even just leaving a voice mail? A similar thing happened to Jeff Hoffman in this Hubspot story. Do you really just want come off as a static disembodied face in the corner of an email? No, you want to look as real as you can be. Being real means you are being trustworthy. It means you’re not a bot. It means you’re a person who’s actually capable of picking up a phone and knows how to talk to people. That alone wins more sales any day.


From your prospect’s perspective


What do inbound prospects expect when they set up an appointment? Pitches? Okay. Product features? They’ve read that on your website already. What else?


If you keep having a hard time answering this question, you know you’re in trouble once the appointment’s been set. Your lead could’ve been qualified by the best but sometimes the best only leave you with very little to say.


Again, it’s all about expanding about how you come off. Be more than just someone who gives webinars or blogs about industry news. In fact, the last impression you want is an online sales rep who’s chained to a desk all day. It’s a career killer! You don’t have to be a Renaissance man. Just man (or woman) is enough!


Ever wonder why not a lot of people like one dimensional characters? It extends to real people. There’s not a lot that you can get befriending a one-dimensional person. Use the Double Life Effect to show another side to you.

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