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Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for CASH ADVANCE SERVICES

We can tailor telemarketing solutions for cash advance services and short-term loan providers for better marketing campaigns. Are prospect screenings are especially rigorous because we understand how credit history affects your sales appointments.

Our analysts qualify every individual cash advance lead prior to forwarding them to your representatives. By default, we prioritize information such as history, budget, and any additional criteria you require. With our customizable database, your cash advance and other merchant services are guaranteed to reach the right decision makers. Targets can include small business owners, CFOs, controllers, as well as managers of various establishments like restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets, among others.

Your lead generation and appointment setting grow more effective and more convenient with our resources. First off, we assign you the right people for your campaign. And secondly, we enable you to easily monitor your campaign’s progress with supporting CRM tools and analytics.

121 Direct Marketing sees to it that your company has been introduced well enough. Give yourself the advantage by learning more about our telemarketing programs.

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