Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SERVICES

121 Direct Marketing offers quality telemarketing solutions for credit card processing firms looking to improve marketing results and overall business performance. Our knowledge and experience in handling lead generation and appointment setting give us unprecedented access to opportunities for the industry. We contact targeted credit card processing leads from a huge database of companies who have expressed the need for credit card processing and other related merchant services.


Credit Card Processing Marketing Advantage from 121 Direct Marketing


We place your credit card processing services in front of precision targeted markets from various industries such as restaurants, coffee shops, liquor stores, retail outlets, general auto repair shops, and others within a diverse range of locations.


121 Direct Marketing equips you with the people and tools needed to realize the best marketing results possible. Our sales professionals have extensive experience with credit card processing services leads and appointment setting while our add-on tools allow better insight into every aspect of your prospecting project.


When you choose 121 Direct Marketing as your appointment setting partner, you not only get qualified sales appointments but also receive a complete marketing experience.


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