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Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for ENERGY PROCUREMENT SERVICES

Most businesses today have turned to energy management to reduce operating costs and improve bottom-line figures. However, they are largely unaware of the valuable assistance offered by energy consultants. This is why we at 121 Direct Marketing use our knowledge and experience to help.

We deliver repeat business through quality lead generation and appointment setting via our telemarketing programs. Our goal is to enable your brand is placed in right in front of key business prospects. These can be COOs, POMs, facility department heads, senior Vice Presidents, etc. Our contact database spans multiple industries such as agriculture, education, financial services, industrial, government, media/entertainment, and utilities sectors.

121 Direct Marketing provides you with the manpower and equipment necessary for a successful campaign. Our highly-trained specialists will work closely with you at every stage whether it’s planning, following-up, nurturing etc.  Our trademark platforms for project management and research guarantee you get full control over the campaign’s direction.

When it comes to marketing, gaining the the competitive edge isn’t easy for energy procurement services. That is why we are the right partner for the job. Contact us today to get your free quote.

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