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Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for TAX CONSULTING SERVICES

121 Direct Marketing offers top-of-the-line telemarketing opportunities for tax consulting service providers. While some tax specialists are quite skilled at cold calling, establishing rapport, and setting appointments. But despite that, these activities can divert their attention away from focusing on thought leadership and their core competency.

Our services are based on delivering thoroughly qualified tax consulting leads and setting sales-ready appointments using your specifications. Our secure database of business contacts provides enables you to target prospects from Fortune 500 companies as well as SMEs. You can count on us to be flexible enough for your specific requirements (be it by industry, sector, or geographical area).

Our telemarketing packages include appointment setters and add-on tools to ensure measurable results for your marketing campaign. Our specialists are specifically trained to deliver ready-to-convert tax consulting leads and guaranteed appointments. The technology to monitor, collaborate, and manage your campaign in real-time will also be at your disposal.

121 Direct Marketing puts extra effort to make sure every appointment is already as closed a deal as possible. You and your prospects won’t just be meeting halfway through the sales process; you’ll be meeting for that all-important handshake.

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