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Although it’s always possible to just pick up the phone and start dialing, successful appointment setting requires more than just making blind calls. B2B prospects aren’t just waiting for the next business opportunity to give them a call. They’re searching on the internet, asking advice from personal connections, relying on their own networks etc. The great thing about 121 Direct Marketing is that we don’t entirely depend on the phone either. We pair up telemarketing with effective e-mail marketing strategies to reach wider audiences and strengthen our communications with your prospects. But most importantly, we do it to capture both offline and online opportunities.

Our appointment setting process is composed of 5 basic steps:


Cold calling is the marketing strategy we use to generate qualified sales leads and set business appointments. Before the cold call, we design the best e-mails before blasting them to the potential clients listed in our privacy-compliant database.* Our expert callers do this to help get the foot in the door and make for easier follow-up calls in case they’re interested. At the same time, it’s also a first step to increasing brand awareness. After the basics of establishing rapport, introducing ourselves, saying who we represent (meaning you), everything is geared towards building trust. We make no attempt to sell since we’re still just getting started. Our goal is to get the prospects talking and set the mood for a sales presentation.

The following are just some of the techniques employed in our successful cold-calling campaigns:

a. Preparation

We make all preparations so that calls are handled properly, from formulating call scripts to choosing the right calling agents. Only send well-designed, content-wise emails are used while adhering to data protection legislation and anti-spam guidelines.

b. Versatility

Since different verticals have different requirements, we fine-tune our services according to our clients’ needs.

c. Communication Skills

We maintain firm firm speech and a neutral accent to emphasize credibility. All information obtained from the initial call is carefully recorded and kept for follow-ups and as additional reference once the appointment has been set,


Once the line of communication is established, our appointment setters ask qualifying questions to validate the prospect and measure their interest in the services offered. If a prospect expressed interest by replying to our emails, we still use the phone to confirm the quality and validity of the lead. This way, we identify qualified leads that are then promptly scheduled for appointment with one of your sales representatives. This is how you’ll know that your appointments have been made with real, live interaction to preserve the high-quality of generated sales leads.


Our Quality Assurance Analysts carefully verify each lead that was generated from prospect engagement. Business leads that do not measure up to quality assessment standards are set aside for follow-up calls until they’re really ready.


Once these business leads are verified, they are uploaded to our online portal, the PipelineCRM. You can access and use PipelineCRM to keep track of the entire lead generation and appointment setting process. In addition, you can download real-time reports on the status of each lead or listen to the recording of each call we make.


Our appointment setters make a confirmation call to the prospect a day before the appointment to confirm and remind them of the upcoming sales meeting.

*Option provided to client. May depend on list availability.

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